YSL at the S.A.M

Don’t you love an unexpected surprise? I didn’t expect to be so blown away at the amazing talent and creativity I saw at the current Yves Saint Lurent show at the Seattle Art Museum. All from a boy who started by making paper dolls for his sisters. 

The details were stunning. From the process to the fabrics, what a feast for the eyes. Beautiful beadwork, and sequins for days. And, a fantastic retrospective of his work from a young child, young designer, to a haute couture designer and the name he has made for himself today. Throw in some Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, lunch at a French cafe and good girlfriends, and it shaped up to be one phenomenal day! 

If your close go and see this show. You will love it!

A beautiful thick fabric with Andy Warhol just behind.

Beautiful beadwork.

1970s wedding dress “Love me forever or not ever”

1980s collection and the infamous back bow. 

Designs for days…

And, gorgeous drawings. 

Stunning sequins. 

Hats, hats, hats!

An eye for the eclectic. 

More stunning beading. 

And, a look at collections by color coding.

Odes to Modrion and Matisse were frequent and fun. 

And, the visit wasn’t complete without a stop at the gift shop dedicated to fashion. 
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Hello Yummy! 

I stopped into my adorable little, local cupcake shop today. So pretty in pink, and so many choices. I stopped in for my sons birthday and some special treats. I am a sucker for a cupcake and love them for birthdays! I decided on mini cupcakes because, well, I couldn’t decide! Haha! Highlight flavors today were Salted Caramel, and French Toast! What?! Yum. Who’s gonna be more excited for desert? Me or him? I can’t tell…

What are your favorite birthday treats? 

And, your favorite flavors? 


Botanical Blast…

Have you ever just passed by something in your home town and given it no mind, until one day, you just do? That’s what happened yesterday. A botanical greenhouse that has always been in the middle of Tacomas Wright Park, I have passed by a million times, just happened to be open and this time I went in! 

A lovely little tropical oasis that housed some fun plant species and a koi pond, where they let you feed the fish occasionally. And, currently decorated here and there for some fun photos for fall and Halloween.

It was a lovely, quick, little, colorful escape from the grey day and glad I finally made the trip in! 

Angel of death at my door…

I was ready to do a new door hanging for the Halloween holiday. So, for creativity on a budget I stopped at the dollar store for a few finds. 

I got three plastic skulls that were the right cost but, lacked any real pizzaz so, a little metallic paint changed the mood for me. To get my angel of death “look” I needed black wings and happened to find a great deal at a local thrift shop…it was a score! 

The trick to hanging these was to collectively get them to hang nicely without bowing out. So, some small drill holes and wiring on the tops and jawlines creating a circle to hang. It still flopped forward so nails in the side added to the macabre. And, held the wire just right. 

I went gung-ho with the gold and just painted the pumpkins too! Why not? Do you decorate your front door for Halloween? 

The Pumpkin Problem…

When given the choice between traditional pumpkins and the non-traditional ones, which do you choose? 

They are all pretty to me and some unusual, which I like as well. What do you prefer? There are so many good ones to choose from!! 

Plethora of Petals…

What do you do with all your flowers from the market? I felt like throwing them away without commemorating their beauty just a bit more was a shame! So, I clipped a few and plucked a few petals right before they wilted away. And, captured some color and had some fun creating some captures via camera…

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Butterfly Crowns and Crocodile Tears…🐊

Isn’t he a beauty with a butterfly crown? I just learned this Is process called Lechryphagy in which certain insects like #butterflies drink #crocodile tears for salts and proteins. And, some serious “side-eye”. Isn’t inspiration from nature amazing? I find it seriously fascinating….


I can’t stop thinking in that crocodiles head they are thinking “I’m a very delicate flower”. Haha. . .

Photo by Mark Cowen





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Cookbook Mania and Food Art🎨📚

Alright, the real reason I have my colored pencils out…a food illustration class at Skillshare.

And, of course I need inspiration from a few amazing cookbooks. So, cookbook crazy…

And, it’s making me hungry and thirsty. Luckily, I’m dedicated to getting back in shape (day 4 this week at the gym. So yumminess will have to wait! For now!) Favorite sexy food? Favorite sexy cookbooks? Tell me everything…🍏🍎🍋🍊

Be Beary Brave🐻

I don’t know if you know this but, when you have a child, at the beginning of the new school year they ask you to make an emergency bag. You know, with food and things. In the bag, they ask you include a note. Now, I don’t know about you fellow parents or those without, using your imagination but, I’m like,what do I write in this damn card. I mean I hope he never has to be using the darn bag, let alone reading the card. That means the shit has hit the proverbial fan. Pardon my language. But, late last night and very free hand, I put together a little tri-fold on a section of leftover watercolor paper. I wrote the note and thought if I were a scared out of my wits, 5 year old, having to read this thing I would probably want to see something goofy and happy. You know, lighten the mood a bit…Well, there he is, WA-LA. One goofy bear with funny toes. Totally unplanned out and Jack saw him this morning and thought he was really cute, which made me smile. 

And, I hope we won’t be seeing you again bear until a school year is in the “books”, if you will. I am showing this clearly unperfected piece of work because, well, it’s a good and light adage for life? To all my TDLoves “Be Beary Brave”. 💕🐻