Like yummy little colored candies, Glassy Babys are tasty little decor treats.

glassy baby hudson Hudson

glassy baby dijon Dijon

glassy baby valentine Valentines

When I started dating my guy years ago, there was some interesting things in his collection of decor, let’s say. Since then, most has made it’s way to the donation centers. There were two little lovely acceptions to the bunch. Beautiful little amber-colored votives that looked slightly vintage, had an amazing heavy weight and when candles are placed in them, gorgeous little discussion pieces. I knew there was something about them, before I knew really how special they were. They were Glassy Baby votives. Firstly, they are handmade locally in Seattle. It takes four glassblowers from their team of 70 to create just one unique, handmade glassy baby.Each year, the company spreads hope by supporting charities dedicated to health, healing, and quality of life and I love that. There are 500 of these created each day on average and I will borrow a line from the site , and say that these are tranquil and inspiring, along with the company founders story. Take it from me they would make a phenomenal gift for all sorts of occasions (Valentines, Moms Day, Easter, just plain “I love you’s”) and I think that I am ready for my guy to start adding to our collection…hint, hint! Go to to see all the amazing selections of colors, history and some charities that some go to.

2 thoughts on “Like yummy little colored candies, Glassy Babys are tasty little decor treats.

  1. Dear Sonya,

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. I expect that you will accept with style. In fact, I’m rather hoping you will include visuals in your acceptance post. To find out fow to accept, please visit my blog. Congrats!

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