A Rug for Every Room…

A rug can be a beautiful foundation to a room, I think we all know. The addition of a rug with pattern, fun color and a ground for an amazing looking room. Alright, there are some fundamental things to think about after you fall in love, or lust with a rug that you think is right for your room.
As a mom firstly, I have had to consider myself family matters. How is that rug gonna hold up to the rigors of chills and spills, pet hair and the constant pitter-patter of all those feet crossing it? Read the labels for materials and ask questions of your salesperson or the vendor. And if you really have to have it, consider which room it will be going in. Is the pattern and color gonna hide any messes? Obviously, the dining room is riskier then,say a bedroom or the living room, that is, if your more careful about food and drink in those spaces. So, that should be a consideration as well. If all else fails and you must have it, I love a product called Spot Shot, that has been a savior for me with pets, men and kids alike.
In this instance, I don’t care what anyone says, size does matter. No, seriously you don’t want to be stuck with something too small on your hands and this time you get to see and measure the goods before you buy. You want to make sure it can anchor your furniture and keep the traffic flow going around the perimeter of the room. So, whip out the tape measure and make sure you’re getting all you need!
Another way to look at this…It is a great chance to make tame rooms fun! If you’re not of fan of painting bolder colors think about adding some flavor to the floor. This could be a great opportunity for a childs playroom, nursery or spicing up the living or family room where you do some entertaining. It is a small risk that can be changed over time, so…go for it. Why not?
Rugs are a wonderful way to define space within your space. Again, keep in mind the shape and size and remember the brilliance of rugs is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Have the rugs help enhance your space.
Don’t forget the rug pads. They are great way to keep you and the guests from falling on your fanny and keeping your room design plans in their proper place.
All in all, rugs add comfort, texture, interest, and keep your space and your toes toasty!

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