I Love the Boating Life…

imageJust a few days ago, my son and I had the pleasure of being invited aboard a classic original watercraft called the “Evening Star” with some wonderful friends. I have always loved the water and being on a great vessel like this girl was, pure heaven. It got me thinking back to my younger years, when my parents also had a large boat that we would go traipsing about in all over the coast and Eastern Washington. It reminded me of the lifestyle one leads, when you have a boat and how many wonderful little nuisances there are when you have an outing on a boat.

We brought our lovely host and hostess some fresh organic fruit from the garden, a bottle of wine and I packed a small cooler with some organic snacks and homemade pickled things to enjoy with cocktails or to leave (I was gunning for being invited back…don’t mistake it). I also brought, a child on his best behavior and full of polite comments and “high fives” for all (yep, told you, we were doing our best to do this again soon). My camera came along, I couldn’t miss the opportunity for a Seattle sunset and we brought two very big smiles, one on me and one on my son.

Cooking on a boat has always been amazing to me. I love you work as a group typically bringing snacks, side and sundries, and lots of liquor. A BBQ attached to the back of the boat in a flash, and sausages where on, in no time this trip. My parents used to have the same and it was steaks, salmon, pork chops. My mother is a wonderful cook and always had something amazing to enjoy. The crab pots would go out on many occasion and fresh crab caught out away from the high traffic of the cruise ships or the cargo tankers, was a little slice of heaven. Those tasty treats were dropped in a pot down in the galley kitchen and caveman tools like hammers would hold down sheets of newspaper. Shortly after, the only friendly way I imagine bludgeoning, would commence. Carnal. In only this instance, fantastic. I love animals by the way. But, crab is delicious. And, it clearly brings back good memories.

Years ago we would cruise so far out that excursions were many times all day or days at a time. And, on some trips the wind and waves would be so wearing that I would often go down and just let them lull me to sleep in the bed tucked under the hull. Oh, yes. Bliss. Slightly nauseous, BLISS!

I love that boating can be fancy or casual, whatever the mood denotes really. It can be literally champagne or beer, crab or hot dogs. And, I know there is a new found fan in the family…because he can’t quit talking about the next trip. We got invited back by the way…August 2015 049August 2015 008 August 2015 017 August 2015 100 August 2015 104 August 2015 092 August 2015 127 August 2015 114 August 2015 132 August 2015 192

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