Monday…off and running. But, can I ask you something?


Well, another week has begun and I  desperately trying to fit as much in as possible to make the most of it already.   I am feeling motivated and positive about the work I am putting in. However, it dawns on me that I don’t always, if rarely get support or feedback on my efforts all the time. This is not me crying in my wine glass, by the way either. More about wanting to build my community, “my tribe” if you will, feeling like I’m on the right track. Learning, producing and monetizing something of value to amazing people out there.  I need to get there. And, I believe I will. I know it takes time and effort and my career counselor says “you shouldn’t give a damn about anyone thinks when it comes to reaching your goals”. Of course he’s right, he’s hugely successful. I’m listening.

It’s just that it’s often easy to get side-tracked or disgruntled at the progress your making as the week floats by. Especially as a mom. By Mid-week my yoga pants look really great to just live in.

Now I am learning, writing down goals and keeping a calendar do aide in the glowing feeling of productivity. Some meditation and chats with friends occasionally, absolutely cheer me up and onward too. Goals people, goals. On it. But, am I the only one with self doubt about the direction I’m currently going with business endeavors? Do you have these doubts sometimes?

How do you stay motivated and on track with your business and career goals? How do you remain focused throughout your day? And, your not allowed to say coffee. It’s great but, too much makes me want to throw up. Haha. But, not really.

2 thoughts on “Monday…off and running. But, can I ask you something?

  1. Hello #TDL,

    Way to go on making every moment count and being in it! In these crazy, busy and often confusing times it can be challenging to be IN the moment 24/7. Keep it up and moving forward everyday towards your goals, regardless of what anyone else feels or thinks. This is your journey to follow and know one can do that except YOU …

    You are not alone, because we all have fear. Just try to remember that the opposite of fear is love and with love in our spirit we can’t lose. Reject negativity like an invisible force field knowing your positive energy will always win in the end. You may not see it right now and that’s normal. Press on with your amazing self and #don’tfeedthemonsters.

    Your small/large actions everyday will fruition into what you imagine them to be eventually. I have no doubt! Listen to your positive, loving and accomplished tribe members you genuinely trust, as well as, most importantly, your intuition. TRUST IT….It won’t fail you..

    Looking forward to reading/seeing/sharing more of/with you #TDL. Now I have a sweet tooth and nothing in the house. I am going to make snickerdoodles at 2AM, because that’s how I roll sometimes:)

    1. Thank you Brett for some very nice, insiteful advice. The fear is hard to overcome, true. But, your so right. I will continue to move forward and hope to share the journey with anyone who will listen. It would be nicer if I had some of those cookies though! 😉 Best, Sonya

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