This week has been amazing already!  I had the pleasure of meeting with some lovely women in Sunday, who are trying to bring a food lovers group together, to support, learn and motivate each other. To essentially form a little community, if you will. It’s great to be surrounded by creative and like minded people that remind you of your goal, and help with your aspirations. I have found a couple of things lately in this similar arena like #TheRisingTideSociety , that has a Face Book chapter and now a local group to discuss relevant topics for creatives. Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? It has seemed to unfold just like that with things for me regarding learning more in the social media aspect and for my art. And the mottos are community over competition. Ideally, lending your thoughts, knowledge and support to lift up your fellow group and letting them do the same for you. What’s not to love about that?

I have found a few different sites to further my academic learning as well. I am studying for and just earned certificates for Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation, Photography, and am currently working on my Digital Marketing certification as well. If your creative and need a boost in skills, want to learn about new techniques with online marketing, photography, branding, lettering, watercolor, illustration, etc…I would highly recommend checking out Skillshare right now. Maybe you just want to learn something new in general. They provide classes in just about everything creative, for a low cost and in a friendly format. Take as many classes as you like. I have personally rekindled my taste for learning and this fits into a busy mom schedule, no problem.

It came up briefly at one of the last meetings that it is easy to lose that sense of community once you move on from places like school. This has been true for me for awhile but, there seems to be a shift back as if late and I hope it continues on. I highly recommend it too.

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