The Best Party Ever?


The 50’s


The 60’s


The 70’s


The 80’s

Why don’t people have house parties much, anymore? Well, MY best guess…the advent of the cellphone. Along with, it’s gotten expensive to throw one, and it’s too easy to back out and make other plans. People, also aren’t typically content with cheap Rainer beer, and beany weenies, as party fare nowadays. What a shame though (the parties, not the weenies. Okay, a little guilty, myself too). It used to be chance to dress up a bit, listen to music, do some dancing, have drinks, laugh with friends, and, maybe meet some new ones. Has the death of our post modern day “networking” happened, almost all together?

Remember, when you HAD to make plans because, once you left the house, there was no calling anyone anymore? You were out, that’s it. Game plan over. Isn’t that funny just to think about now?  I, myself, never even look for a pay phone anymore. Just think about that colossal yellow pages book, dangling on the swivel. Kind of hilarious.  Think about before Map-quest, and driving around in circles at night trying to find your friends house in the dark. “Is that it? It looks like that’s it”. Just to find, you were at the wrong place, and the wrong party. Tell me, me and my friends weren’t the only ones.

With the invention of all these new apps, it should be and is easier then ever to track your friends down and “gather”(Facebook, Evite, Find a Friend). Shouldn’t it? I think, it also makes it easier then ever, to cancel. Or, make other plans, all together.  And, it’s not like I’m not professing a little guilt on this one, by the way. Sometimes jammies, and a glass of wine, have just “called” to me. But, most of the time, I live for a great party. Sometimes, no, all the time, I wish I had a “time traveler”, right back to the 50’s, and a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” style party, or a hazy rose colored glasses, 60’s party (trouble). Maybe, a posh Palm Springs, by the pool, 70’s party. Or, even the garage and red solo cupped, keg 80’s style bash (I think I could skip the 90’s themed party, personally speaking. I don’t remember many memorable ones of those). And, I might use the “traveler” for more then parties but, I’m just saying.

To those of you still keeping the spirit of the “house party” alive in the new millennium…I raise a glass and say cheers! Don’t let it die!

2 thoughts on “The Best Party Ever?

  1. Sonya I think you’re right! Another thing I remember from college days that’s now gone is making and posting some creative flyers to advertise our house party. I still have one left from one of our parties– saved it because I wrote a recipe on the other side!

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