Little Black Frames

Want to know how to spruce up the boring workspace corner you have going on, on the cheap?

Easy. Just find charming little black frames and put in some favorite small art pieces that you love. You have the opportunity to use some of your favorite children’s art work. Or, find an old botanical print book at your used book shop, you can make some art easily and rotate it if your feeling artistic. Or mix them all together for a charming and eclectic look. I suggest gathering some pieces on a flat space and seeing how they play out together. Make it appealing. Do black and white but, add a pop of color. Or just go for it with color for a more modern/contemporary look and feel. This is supposed to be fun! And, the best thing is you can change the art out when you feel like refreshing or find something new…

You can find those little black frames at your local art store, IKEA, or go to the frame shop and have them made for a pretty reasonable price, out of the scrap from larger frames. You can buy or get one size or mix them up. Be sure to “weigh” them out visually. Not too many big paired with small for example. But, there are no set rules. Plan out the area by measuring and doing a little visual math for the areas for your frames and the artwork your most in love with.

You can make a plan for hanging using butcher paper, craft paper, or something reusable/recyclable by lightly taping a “map” of your plan before making holes, just to see it in theory.

Add a vintage light and cool, comfortable chair and you have just quickly and conveniently, personalized your workspace area for more interest! Simple right?

Have more questions or going to do this project? Let me know. I would love to hear how it goes!

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