Hello, Snowy Wonderland…

I was lucky enough to take a fast weekend trip a few weeks back to the snowy wonderland of Breckenridge, Colorado to visit my dear friend. It’s no easy venture to get there. From Denver it’s over 2 hours. Across one tricky pass. And, for me at night. I’m proud of myself for wholeheartedly tackling the adventure with vigor. 

Let’s be firstly be clear, I’m not a skier. I led a childhood and have led a lifestyle where I am not innately fond of the cold. I wish I learned now though. But, my friend Erika is just attiment that I will just bust my ass , and I won’t be very happy about it. 

My lovely friends path in life at this point (with a snow obsessed partner in life) seems to always lead to it, at this time of year. So, a visit together for us, in the winter, is typically me bundling up and freezing my butt off to see her. However, I’m always ecstatic about the break. We always have a really great chuckle  about me heading to the chilliest places on earth to see her still.  

It sounds like I might hate it right? Truth be told, and  I honestly conveyed to her, in one of the many glorious moments we experienced… as we trudging through a chilly, spectacular midday hike in the Colorado woods. I love this. I feel really blessed. If I didn’t have her to visit there, I wouldn’t get to experience the beauty I did. It’s was amazing. Truly. 


Even and especially in that moment, when I was falling over in waist deep snow. We were laughing hysterically and I was fussing about where she was  leading me into. I stopped myself and told her (as much I  did fuss and was sweating like a beast), I adored it all and appreciated every moment of it. It was completely out of my element. And, that was awesome! I was stuck, literally, knee deep in Gods glory. And, I felt sheer happiness.  Utter bliss for life. Trekking through the woods. Seeing a wonderful sculpture exhibition in town.   

Heading to the local pub bundled up like the kid on a Christmas story.  

We went out dancing and had great dinners and I had a wonderful time. Experiencing new things, keeping life interesting.  

And, I hope I always remember to…


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