Some tips for Making a Plan and defining your Interior Style🌿

What makes it wonderful about coming to conclusions about defining your style is the money and time you will save having a direction and a plan. 

First, determine your style. More modern, more vintage chic, more contemporary? There are lots of tests online to help edge you closer into your specific direction. Once you get this established, its gets easy to to center your focuses on pulling everything together.

Now that you have determined what your style is, time to go shopping in your own home. That’s right, pick and pull things that you love. It defines you. So, go with it. And, you save money on things you have already got. Those are the things that should be front and center. 

Now determine the things you have but, don’t look as fresh as you would like or old and worn. Access if these things can be freshened with some easy simple ways. That old desk, sand it down and put on a new coat of stain and clear sealant, like new. Lamps might just need new shades to boost their beauty. Think of ways to improve on what you have already. It’s sexy to be self sufficient and handy anyway. 

Speaking of lamps, good lighting is essential. Be it lamps, candles, or overhead lighting. It’s everything about making the mood. It enhances skin coloration, that amazing wall color and how you feel in that room. Dimmers are an easy addition to help facilitate a nice transition, between bumping up the light for either task or relaxed light. 

Paint is a cheap and fast freshener. It’s inexpensive to change the whole look of your room too. If you can’t paint, there are lots of removable wallpapers to add to one wall to increase interest. If you can, there are so many gorgeous colors out there it’s sometimes hard to choose. I recommend paint samples and in a place with plenty of light. Now wait. That’s right! Look at your choices for a few days, during all times of the day, and then decide what is making you the happiest.

 Now add your room “jewelry”. Yes, the jewelry of your room works just like and outfit for a man or a women. It’s accessories just like finishing of that ensemble like a watch, necklace or a sparkly ring. It adds the polish. You may wonder what this is for a room but, think about vases, candle holders, trays, foot stools and baskets. This is an opportunity to add texture and interest. And, it’s easy and inexpensive to take these few things and add a little more character to the room. 🌿

Photography: Nathan Williams

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