Bookshelf spring clean…🌿

I love books. No, I mean sometimes, I have a real problem. I recognize that the bookstore is my weakness even in this day and age of ebooks. But, come on. You can’t hold a kindle the same way and still  get that same old feeling. 

When I was little, I spent a lot of time at the library. I was always a fast reader. I even won a contest once in grade school for reading the most books. Those were the days. Hours spent at the local library, and thumbing through countless selections. Clearly, a happy place. I could say the same still about every book place I head into now,still. Who’s with me? 

So, even I, in my blinded book love forget to reorganize my bookshelf. It’s always great to look smarter then you probably are, I say. And, it’s a great way to display your fabulous finds. 

I found myself in the redo mode for spring. I loaded up all the books I could make myself part with. I will be taking them down to 1/2 price books so, I can get more money, for more books, of course. Our neighborhood also has a bunch of those “little libraries”. Love those things. I want one I my front yard. 

I focused on some interesting details. I grouped the colors, I ditched the dust covers to show some of the details on the bindings, I popped in some personal items and some flowers on the shelves with photos. I put old books with the new, I put some on there sides and some on end. I stuck in a bookend. And, the bottom shelf has some room to expand. It was fun to experiment and to play around with it. And, try and make it personal. Am I the only one who needed this little facelift to give me a much need boost for Spring? 🌿

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