I want it all! ðŸŒ¿

Some nurseries are so amazing! There are so many alluring ideas in the good ones. This is Vassey Nursery in the South Sound in Washington State. 

Wisteria dripped, there was vignette after vignette of gorgeous “what if’s”, including a stunning Koi pond. 

This succulent wall was a sight to behold. Packed to the gills with stunning planned precision. It had pressure treated sides, thick and not shy. Trimmed in cedar, and lined with mesh and a whole lot of dirt. It was truly awesome and floating with a serious set of chains to keep it up I. The air, looking effortless. 

Who doesn’t love a delicate little birdbath, with a little bird. 

It was raining when we went and that didn’t stop the group from meandering on an on until we were all soaked. This ranks right up there with the bookstore in being the best. I would like to load up a semi truck and transport it all home. Wouldn’t that be dreamy! 🌿👏🏼

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