Mini Margaritas and Stuffed Bell Pepper Party🌡

In honor of Cinco De Mayo! πŸŽ‰πŸŒ΅


My parents owned a Mexican restaurant for 30 years. So, I sit around a lot thinking about things like margaritas, nachos and tacos. I can’t help it…

You know those adorable Patron nipper bottles? Ready to put those to fun things to use and have a fantastic, little, Mexican themed party? A party complete with a mini stuffed pepper recipe and more. It’s super simple. And, I thought so!

First,drinks! Every great host or hostess starts with the best stuff first. Ever heard of these unusually flavored margaritas? Well, you have now! They are amazing. Cucumber/jalapeΓ±o is fresh and spicy, chipotle/grapefruit-tart with a kick, grapefruit and limes are in season now. I save my lavender from the summer so, lavender/lime will knock β€œthe girls” out of the water! Gorgeous, floral and tart. If you ever wonder about deep Mexico, mezcal reminds me of my trip to Oaxaca. Wow, that was…

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