Be Beary Brave🐻

I don’t know if you know this but, when you have a child, at the beginning of the new school year they ask you to make an emergency bag. You know, with food and things. In the bag, they ask you include a note. Now, I don’t know about you fellow parents or those without, using your imagination but, I’m like,what do I write in this damn card. I mean I hope he never has to be using the darn bag, let alone reading the card. That means the shit has hit the proverbial fan. Pardon my language. But, late last night and very free hand, I put together a little tri-fold on a section of leftover watercolor paper. I wrote the note and thought if I were a scared out of my wits, 5 year old, having to read this thing I would probably want to see something goofy and happy. You know, lighten the mood a bit…Well, there he is, WA-LA. One goofy bear with funny toes. Totally unplanned out and Jack saw him this morning and thought he was really cute, which made me smile. 

And, I hope we won’t be seeing you again bear until a school year is in the “books”, if you will. I am showing this clearly unperfected piece of work because, well, it’s a good and light adage for life? To all my TDLoves “Be Beary Brave”. 💕🐻

On An Axis…

I have been looking for maps to complete a pirate playhouse in our backyard. I am still on the hunt. But, I did find a couple compelling things at a vintage shop in downtown Tacoma called Urban Squirrel. It just has opened and had an interesting assortment of items. Including, a loose globe. 

I wasn’t sure I wanted it until, I came across a fantastic lamp piece. Aged and detailed, it seemed to make perfect sense to put the two together. I imagined a rod through the middle as an axis. 

The shop owner agreed and suggested I head over to a little hardware shop called Lincoln Hardware. 

Needless to say, she was right. They were so friendly and accommodating it was impressive. In fact, two other people came in during the time I was there for small unique projects and their questions were looked on as willing challenges by, who I assumed, might be the owners. It was wonderfully, small town refreshing. 

As you can see we came up with a nice resolution and this world globe lives to see another day. And, hopefully spurn on some learning for a little one for now. And, maybe a nice little decor item for later…

How do I make a business out of my art? 

I have dabbled in all of this before. Making and selling your art is not about making the art but, more about the curation and the business. Ugh, the boring part. 

I read from someone speaking about this very concept. Creating is last. Yep. Dead last. First, you must deal with all the conceptual aspects, production possibilities, marketing, pricing and then you might just get to sit down and paint. 

The printer for these cards an two posters, took 2 weeks. Two weeks. The cards turned out great, the posters were wrong. And, ironically there’s “quick” in there business name. 

Now I want to tackle the task of opening an Etsy store this “stab at it”, if you will. Anyone have some advice here? I just heard about a business that helps with shipping  (I have to find that source again). I’m going to be working on a UBI number. I have ideas on packaging and labeling. But, any bumps I should avoid here for anyone reading this? Anyone at all? 

I am hoping to make a better attemp at building a business, establish a following and get some steady income out of it. THAT, would be amazing! 

  Photos by Sonya Law