Foreign National-Seattle’s newest hidden, little gem…

Tucked next to the exciting spot, Stateside, is a hidden little gem tucked in a spot you can easily miss along Pike in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood. 

Think Miami/70s and Art Deco, with outstanding food from the shared Stateside kitchen and fancy specialty cocktails all the while listening to some disco. Go to get away, in a dark corner and get your groove on soon! 

Backyard Tiny House Project Progress…

For those following along with the #backyardoasis project. Here are some new photos of the facade. 

It has received a new deck, I found a cute little porch light on Craigslist some months back and we updated it to black. It got some stairs finally and some brick skirting. I think it’s coming along quite nicely. Are you working on any backyard updates or plans for your Summer? 

On An Axis…

I have been looking for maps to complete a pirate playhouse in our backyard. I am still on the hunt. But, I did find a couple compelling things at a vintage shop in downtown Tacoma called Urban Squirrel. It just has opened and had an interesting assortment of items. Including, a loose globe. 

I wasn’t sure I wanted it until, I came across a fantastic lamp piece. Aged and detailed, it seemed to make perfect sense to put the two together. I imagined a rod through the middle as an axis. 

The shop owner agreed and suggested I head over to a little hardware shop called Lincoln Hardware. 

Needless to say, she was right. They were so friendly and accommodating it was impressive. In fact, two other people came in during the time I was there for small unique projects and their questions were looked on as willing challenges by, who I assumed, might be the owners. It was wonderfully, small town refreshing. 

As you can see we came up with a nice resolution and this world globe lives to see another day. And, hopefully spurn on some learning for a little one for now. And, maybe a nice little decor item for later…

Chicken Run! 🐔🌿

Chicken Run Fun! We have chickens and they are messy. Anyone who has them, knows! So, boom!

Thank you Pinterest photo and some good ole’ hardware store ingenuity, Stella, Nelly and Lily have 10′ of space to scratch and roam. The entrance was made directly off there existing structure. The bottom is cedar boards into a box, we filled in with some dirt. We found a bag of cheap bamboo rods at the hardware store in the garden section and some recycled mesh from a previous project finished it out at the top. Everything was wired together and attached to the fence. And boards were drilled in top of the mesh, just to make sure no pesky predators can get to those girls. And, they are happy little campers. Yeah! Keep those eggs coming ladies…

🌿#chickens #chickenrun #outdoordesign

My Art on a children’s bookcase…🌿🎨

The bookshelf that was made for my son playhouse and its art is finally complete! I used leftover house interior paint, acrylic paints, and parts of the brochures from the #kehindewiley exhibition at the #SAM , pieced in with matte paste, because it was to amazing to let go… Also, inspired by “inky” the getaway octopus. Clever fellow. What do you think?

#art #childrens #illustration #painting and #kahindewiley #inspiration

Bookshelf spring clean…🌿

I love books. No, I mean sometimes, I have a real problem. I recognize that the bookstore is my weakness even in this day and age of ebooks. But, come on. You can’t hold a kindle the same way and still  get that same old feeling. 

When I was little, I spent a lot of time at the library. I was always a fast reader. I even won a contest once in grade school for reading the most books. Those were the days. Hours spent at the local library, and thumbing through countless selections. Clearly, a happy place. I could say the same still about every book place I head into now,still. Who’s with me? 

So, even I, in my blinded book love forget to reorganize my bookshelf. It’s always great to look smarter then you probably are, I say. And, it’s a great way to display your fabulous finds. 

I found myself in the redo mode for spring. I loaded up all the books I could make myself part with. I will be taking them down to 1/2 price books so, I can get more money, for more books, of course. Our neighborhood also has a bunch of those “little libraries”. Love those things. I want one I my front yard. 

I focused on some interesting details. I grouped the colors, I ditched the dust covers to show some of the details on the bindings, I popped in some personal items and some flowers on the shelves with photos. I put old books with the new, I put some on there sides and some on end. I stuck in a bookend. And, the bottom shelf has some room to expand. It was fun to experiment and to play around with it. And, try and make it personal. Am I the only one who needed this little facelift to give me a much need boost for Spring? 🌿

Backyard Tiny house studio project🌿

 For awhile now we have been working on a backyard studio for doing art, entertaining and making more livable space, outside the small home we are in. On a huge lot. This has been an ongoing process and continues to be. But, I’m excited to say that things have picked back up on the project, once again. 

Firstly, you should know I have an Interior Design degree and Jay, my sons father is a carpenter by trade for 20+ years. We often don’t see eye to eye on a few things. However, projects like these bring us to a happier place. 

We often don’t have a lot of extra cash lying around either for things like these so, there have been many “make it work” moments in expanding our backyard and building supplies. I have always been okay with up cycling or using “found” or the right free items, as well. Why not? The world is full of enough garbage. I think it’s great not to waste it. Because of it, I have been honing my skills for Craigslist “free” and that has helped the creativity keep going. Just a couple weeks ago, I randomly sat down and checked the site and really, really lucked out on a great couple in the South sound, getting rid of ALL of the cedar siding on their house. And, it was in fantastic shape plus, 1/2″ think, which apparently is unheard of nowadays. Serious, serious score. 

The catch. It had to be de-nailed and planed down to get it looking back to fab. Okay, a bit of work. Also, three truck loads full. So, thanks to Jays perseverance and hard work with that, we won big with all that usable material. The roof shingles are a trade from Craigslist for an old iPhone and a mini projector. The door, a $20 Craigslist find. The skylight a $10 find. The windows below, side of the road free and $10. The ones above, $15 for the pair, just found the other day on offer up. 

We got boxes of laminate flooring from this nice man in Kent who was gonna do improvements but, never got around to it and just wanted it gone. That was also a huge score.

We happened to be headed to Home Depot and I caught a glimpse of a cabinet section with a sink that I’m hoping we can transform into a kitchenette, if you will. I’m thinking mini frig/freezer combo and an induction plate or 2 burner cooktop dropped in. Let’s see what I can find, right? It’s not the prettiest now. But, there’s potential, I hope. For a future post. 

The plan is to get the wiring and insulting done soon. And, as you might of guessed by now, I found a dude on Craigslist, a former contractor, selling a boatload of cheaper insulation he got stuck with. It’s a no brainier, I will be hitting him up. 

Now, I’m still looking for windows. One long slider for behind where the bed will go. You will be under a skylight which is exciting but, I hate the idea of it being stifling and hot while you sleep. 

I still have to figure out the logistics of the bathroom. A compostible toilet sounds like a grand plan. Finding one for the right price is another story. IKEA has some interesting options for small sinks. And, I want to prepare it for once it does officially become plumbed to be a “wet” bathroom. We missing an electrician best friend is all, haha. But, I’m gonna remain optimistic that it will work out. 

So, continuing to push on… 


Some tips for Making a Plan and defining your Interior Style🌿

What makes it wonderful about coming to conclusions about defining your style is the money and time you will save having a direction and a plan. 

First, determine your style. More modern, more vintage chic, more contemporary? There are lots of tests online to help edge you closer into your specific direction. Once you get this established, its gets easy to to center your focuses on pulling everything together.

Now that you have determined what your style is, time to go shopping in your own home. That’s right, pick and pull things that you love. It defines you. So, go with it. And, you save money on things you have already got. Those are the things that should be front and center. 

Now determine the things you have but, don’t look as fresh as you would like or old and worn. Access if these things can be freshened with some easy simple ways. That old desk, sand it down and put on a new coat of stain and clear sealant, like new. Lamps might just need new shades to boost their beauty. Think of ways to improve on what you have already. It’s sexy to be self sufficient and handy anyway. 

Speaking of lamps, good lighting is essential. Be it lamps, candles, or overhead lighting. It’s everything about making the mood. It enhances skin coloration, that amazing wall color and how you feel in that room. Dimmers are an easy addition to help facilitate a nice transition, between bumping up the light for either task or relaxed light. 

Paint is a cheap and fast freshener. It’s inexpensive to change the whole look of your room too. If you can’t paint, there are lots of removable wallpapers to add to one wall to increase interest. If you can, there are so many gorgeous colors out there it’s sometimes hard to choose. I recommend paint samples and in a place with plenty of light. Now wait. That’s right! Look at your choices for a few days, during all times of the day, and then decide what is making you the happiest.

 Now add your room “jewelry”. Yes, the jewelry of your room works just like and outfit for a man or a women. It’s accessories just like finishing of that ensemble like a watch, necklace or a sparkly ring. It adds the polish. You may wonder what this is for a room but, think about vases, candle holders, trays, foot stools and baskets. This is an opportunity to add texture and interest. And, it’s easy and inexpensive to take these few things and add a little more character to the room. 🌿

Photography: Nathan Williams

Music Tech Lush

Does music bring you as much joy as me? I confess, I am a self proclaimed music loving, tech geek. I think this audiophile would be a comfy, couch loving, cool kid that needs a place to chill and put on some funky beats. I couldn’t leave out the humor though because, come on who didn’t love an amazing mixed tape so, I guess a beatbox pillow will have to stir up those memories. Sometimes analog is better.

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