Happy Memorial Day Weekend…

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!🇺🇸 There’s not much huge commentary needed today, other then the fact that we are grateful and thankful for our freedom and the men, women and animals that have helped and are helping to provide that for us. Safe travels and may our freedoms for all continue in this important, potentially changing time for us all…

Port Townsend, WA

On An Axis…

I have been looking for maps to complete a pirate playhouse in our backyard. I am still on the hunt. But, I did find a couple compelling things at a vintage shop in downtown Tacoma called Urban Squirrel. It just has opened and had an interesting assortment of items. Including, a loose globe. 

I wasn’t sure I wanted it until, I came across a fantastic lamp piece. Aged and detailed, it seemed to make perfect sense to put the two together. I imagined a rod through the middle as an axis. 

The shop owner agreed and suggested I head over to a little hardware shop called Lincoln Hardware. 

Needless to say, she was right. They were so friendly and accommodating it was impressive. In fact, two other people came in during the time I was there for small unique projects and their questions were looked on as willing challenges by, who I assumed, might be the owners. It was wonderfully, small town refreshing. 

As you can see we came up with a nice resolution and this world globe lives to see another day. And, hopefully spurn on some learning for a little one for now. And, maybe a nice little decor item for later…

Getting foxy…well, sort of. 🌿

I’m in love. It’s no secret the Pacific Northwest is spectacular and I don’t discount her beauty. I love her alright. Yesterday, was exceptional and lazily lovely. Until, there was the suggestion of going to a park by the water. Fine by me but, the amount of people crammed into the closest one, made me claustrophobic before I even got out of the car. No thanks. 

So, those of you that know the South sound even just a little, know it gets a little quieter the further you go. And, that’s what we did. Right across the Narrows Bridge to a pretty place, called Fox Island. 

And, it was totally awesome. We explored and went from beach to beach, gathering shells and rocks and things. 

In one spot, there were three children, in swimming suits, out on the spit splashing in the water and examining sea creatures. Down from one of the houses along the water, in the cove. What a way to grow up. It reminded me of when I was young. We were always on the water. Those were some of my greatest memories. 

At one point we realized that there must have been thousands upon thousands of living purple sand dollars all along the strip of beach we walked. And, the slimey shoreline and its sea anemones, kept shooting water up as we watched down to the water. 

We would lift up the big rocks to find 50 tiny crabs, shocked to see the sunshine, and scatter. Jack, my son, would pick up one every time and plunk him into the giant clam shell he found, like a little jail. Until, he willfully let them go back into the ocean in sets, in case they were family…of course. 

We started a bit later in the day. But, stretched out the time until dusk. And, made the most of the toll bridge fee. 

What a day. We are going to make that a regular occurrence so, I can avoid the crowds and enjoy the sun…


Hello, Snowy Wonderland…

I was lucky enough to take a fast weekend trip a few weeks back to the snowy wonderland of Breckenridge, Colorado to visit my dear friend. It’s no easy venture to get there. From Denver it’s over 2 hours. Across one tricky pass. And, for me at night. I’m proud of myself for wholeheartedly tackling the adventure with vigor. 

Let’s be firstly be clear, I’m not a skier. I led a childhood and have led a lifestyle where I am not innately fond of the cold. I wish I learned now though. But, my friend Erika is just attiment that I will just bust my ass , and I won’t be very happy about it. 

My lovely friends path in life at this point (with a snow obsessed partner in life) seems to always lead to it, at this time of year. So, a visit together for us, in the winter, is typically me bundling up and freezing my butt off to see her. However, I’m always ecstatic about the break. We always have a really great chuckle  about me heading to the chilliest places on earth to see her still.  

It sounds like I might hate it right? Truth be told, and  I honestly conveyed to her, in one of the many glorious moments we experienced… as we trudging through a chilly, spectacular midday hike in the Colorado woods. I love this. I feel really blessed. If I didn’t have her to visit there, I wouldn’t get to experience the beauty I did. It’s was amazing. Truly. 


Even and especially in that moment, when I was falling over in waist deep snow. We were laughing hysterically and I was fussing about where she was  leading me into. I stopped myself and told her (as much I  did fuss and was sweating like a beast), I adored it all and appreciated every moment of it. It was completely out of my element. And, that was awesome! I was stuck, literally, knee deep in Gods glory. And, I felt sheer happiness.  Utter bliss for life. Trekking through the woods. Seeing a wonderful sculpture exhibition in town.   

Heading to the local pub bundled up like the kid on a Christmas story.  

We went out dancing and had great dinners and I had a wonderful time. Experiencing new things, keeping life interesting.  

And, I hope I always remember to…



This week has been amazing already!  I had the pleasure of meeting with some lovely women in Sunday, who are trying to bring a food lovers group together, to support, learn and motivate each other. To essentially form a little community, if you will. It’s great to be surrounded by creative and like minded people that remind you of your goal, and help with your aspirations. I have found a couple of things lately in this similar arena like #TheRisingTideSociety , that has a Face Book chapter and now a local group to discuss relevant topics for creatives. Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? It has seemed to unfold just like that with things for me regarding learning more in the social media aspect and for my art. And the mottos are community over competition. Ideally, lending your thoughts, knowledge and support to lift up your fellow group and letting them do the same for you. What’s not to love about that?

I have found a few different sites to further my academic learning as well. I am studying for and just earned certificates for Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation, Photography, and am currently working on my Digital Marketing certification as well. If your creative and need a boost in skills, want to learn about new techniques with online marketing, photography, branding, lettering, watercolor, illustration, etc…I would highly recommend checking out Skillshare right now. Maybe you just want to learn something new in general. They provide classes in just about everything creative, for a low cost and in a friendly format. Take as many classes as you like. I have personally rekindled my taste for learning and this fits into a busy mom schedule, no problem.

It came up briefly at one of the last meetings that it is easy to lose that sense of community once you move on from places like school. This has been true for me for awhile but, there seems to be a shift back as if late and I hope it continues on. I highly recommend it too.