When you just need to lounge…Outdoor daybed and planter project. 

So, one day the sun may return to the Pacific Northwest. Until then, my mind is obviously obsessed when that is and to be so ready. 

I have a corner in my yard that has been plagued, literally, with doom, since I moved in. The amazing neighbors (*sarcasm), built their deck right up to the fence so, looking over down into my yard was as easy as putting their annoying elbows on the top of it. Yeah…No. I don’t know about you but, I enjoy my backyard privacy. I don’t really care for a creepy neighbor dude looking in and asking “what’s up” all the time. 

I tried the idea of planting bamboo, to create more privacy in that area. Fail. Then tall bushes. Whatever it is about that spot…they died. Fail. A small chicken coop has resided there for awhile and boards were added to the top of the fence line for privacy. And, a sad empty patch of dirt. And, sorry to say this has been the most successful scenario. Not very attractive. 

I have been a firm believer as a designer and backyard lover, to create spaces within your outdoor area, albeit big or small. What do I mean by this? Have a place to sit and conversate, have a space to eat, have a place to sun, and have a fire pit if possible to enjoy evenings. Having places to maximize your outdoor experience and get the most enjoyment out of every day and space. You can create these with the help of chairs, tables, rugs and pillows. Home Goods, Craigslist even places like Grocery Outlet have small, cheaper pieces to pull together charming areas. Make a plan for what you need and chip slowly away at it if necessary. 

Which brings me back to this current project. My place to sun. I have been chipping away at this lame area for awhile now. Be aware that the neighbor has also, built added an otrotious arbor that scales way up over the top of the fence now. I’m not sure if this is plan keeps involving  looming over my backyard but, again, weird. They finally two years later have just now planted a plant to grow on the thing. A solution created was to put up linear panels attached to two planter boxes below. Then I don’t have to look at that darn thing lurking over my fence. That’s to come. Then in the middle would be an outdoor day Bed in the sunniest spot. Wa-la! Now, I will eventually add lush, greenery with propensity to lots of  sun and hope for success once and for all. I’m also going to plant something fragrant to: 1. Help mask the chicken smell and 2. Deter mosquitos (we have a mutual hate for each other). I will have an area to sit and nap or read and I’m still working out the details of creating shade. So here it is so far…

Pretty awesome, already. Right? And, made half way out of reclaimed wood. 

The boxes were already made when out of the blue, I started thinking of something I had always loved as well…a low table that could be moved out to the grass and used as a dining area. Why couldn’t the daybed and the table serve as doubly functional?! Now, I would be able to create an additional dining area more boho casual spot for al fresco eating. This my friends, would be my “two birds with one stone moment”! Actually, four. Sunning, smell, cover and dining/seating. But, you get it, I’m sure. 

Project still in process. And, I am lucky enough to have someone do my bidding at building occasionally, when I come up with these whimsical ideas. So, stay tuned for the final project finish!!! 🙌🏼

YSL at the S.A.M

Don’t you love an unexpected surprise? I didn’t expect to be so blown away at the amazing talent and creativity I saw at the current Yves Saint Lurent show at the Seattle Art Museum. All from a boy who started by making paper dolls for his sisters. 

The details were stunning. From the process to the fabrics, what a feast for the eyes. Beautiful beadwork, and sequins for days. And, a fantastic retrospective of his work from a young child, young designer, to a haute couture designer and the name he has made for himself today. Throw in some Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, lunch at a French cafe and good girlfriends, and it shaped up to be one phenomenal day! 

If your close go and see this show. You will love it!

A beautiful thick fabric with Andy Warhol just behind.

Beautiful beadwork.

1970s wedding dress “Love me forever or not ever”

1980s collection and the infamous back bow. 

Designs for days…

And, gorgeous drawings. 

Stunning sequins. 

Hats, hats, hats!

An eye for the eclectic. 

More stunning beading. 

And, a look at collections by color coding.

Odes to Modrion and Matisse were frequent and fun. 

And, the visit wasn’t complete without a stop at the gift shop dedicated to fashion. 
#seattleartmuseum #sam 

Botanical Blast…

Have you ever just passed by something in your home town and given it no mind, until one day, you just do? That’s what happened yesterday. A botanical greenhouse that has always been in the middle of Tacomas Wright Park, I have passed by a million times, just happened to be open and this time I went in! 

A lovely little tropical oasis that housed some fun plant species and a koi pond, where they let you feed the fish occasionally. And, currently decorated here and there for some fun photos for fall and Halloween.

It was a lovely, quick, little, colorful escape from the grey day and glad I finally made the trip in! 

The Pumpkin Problem…

When given the choice between traditional pumpkins and the non-traditional ones, which do you choose? 

They are all pretty to me and some unusual, which I like as well. What do you prefer? There are so many good ones to choose from!! 

Plethora of Petals…

What do you do with all your flowers from the market? I felt like throwing them away without commemorating their beauty just a bit more was a shame! So, I clipped a few and plucked a few petals right before they wilted away. And, captured some color and had some fun creating some captures via camera…

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Home Brew style Kombucha…🌿

Those who know me well, know I love exploring the culinary world of making. I have tackled canning, pickling, and all sorts of new things. So, naturally I was more then excited when a neighbor asked if I wanted a SCOBY from her previous batch of kombucha. Of course I did. I always want to try something new. 

I also know that this beverage is a love or hate thing for most people. I personally love it and it helps my tummy. Those of you who join me in loving also know it is a bit of a luxury at typically $4.00 a bottle. 

So why not try it. I might not want to do this all the time but, I tackled it. It’s not to difficult and as with any prospect like this I recommend you work extra clean…hands, counters, bottles.And, you too can brew your own kombucha. It’s pretty interesting overall. I have three more days to give the bottles but, can’t wait! 

1 cup sugar

4-6 bags tea – for loose leaf, 1 bag of tea = 1 tsp I used organic green tea bags 

Kombucha Starter Culture – SCOBY

1 cup starter liquid

purified/bottled water

tea kettle

brewing vessel

cloth cover/paper towels

rubber band


Boil 4 cups of water.

Add hot water & tea bags to pot or brewing vessel.

Steep 5-7 minutes, then remove tea bags.

Add sugar and stir to dissolve.

Fill vessel most of the way with purified water, leaving just 1-2 inches from the top for breathing room with purified cold water.

Add SCOBY and starter liquid.

Cover with cloth cover and secure with the rubber band.

Say a prayer, send good vibes, commune with your culture (optional but recommended).

Set in a warm location out of direct sunlight (unless vessel is opaque).

Do not disturb for 7 days.

After 7 days, or when you are ready to taste your KT, gently insert a straw beneath the SCOBY and take a sip. If too tart, then reduce your brewing cycle next time. If too sweet, allow to brew for a few more days. Continue to taste every day or so until you reach your optimum flavor preference. Your own Kombucha Tea Recipe may vary.

Decant & flavor (optional).

I bottled and added flavor. I placed bottles in the same warm place and they will stay for 3 more days. Be sure to “burp” the bottles to release the gasses so you don’t have an explosion from all the build up in the bottles. Then refrigerate to stop the process of fermentation. 

Drink as desired! Start off with 4-8oz on an empty stomach in the morning, then with meals to help with digestion or as your body tells you it would like some more! Drink plenty of water as it is a natural detoxifyer and you want to flush the newly released toxins out.
…use a refrigerator stored SCOBY to make Kombucha.

…use a dehydrated SCOBY to make Kombucha.

…attempt to grow a SCOBY from a commercial bottle of Kombucha that:

has been pasteurized

has been flavored

has been filtered or reformulated

says anything less than “100% Kombucha” on the label

…use a fresh, full-size Kombucha SCOBY to begin brewing.

…store your SCOBYs in a SCOBY Hotel in a dry and dark place.

…pass along healthy, fresh SCOBYs with at least 1-2 cups of mature Kombucha Tea and complete, clear instructions to ensure success. If you cannot, recommend a reputable source instead.