YSL at the S.A.M

Don’t you love an unexpected surprise? I didn’t expect to be so blown away at the amazing talent and creativity I saw at the current Yves Saint Lurent show at the Seattle Art Museum. All from a boy who started by making paper dolls for his sisters. 

The details were stunning. From the process to the fabrics, what a feast for the eyes. Beautiful beadwork, and sequins for days. And, a fantastic retrospective of his work from a young child, young designer, to a haute couture designer and the name he has made for himself today. Throw in some Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, lunch at a French cafe and good girlfriends, and it shaped up to be one phenomenal day! 

If your close go and see this show. You will love it!

A beautiful thick fabric with Andy Warhol just behind.

Beautiful beadwork.

1970s wedding dress “Love me forever or not ever”

1980s collection and the infamous back bow. 

Designs for days…

And, gorgeous drawings. 

Stunning sequins. 

Hats, hats, hats!

An eye for the eclectic. 

More stunning beading. 

And, a look at collections by color coding.

Odes to Modrion and Matisse were frequent and fun. 

And, the visit wasn’t complete without a stop at the gift shop dedicated to fashion. 
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Be Beary Brave🐻

I don’t know if you know this but, when you have a child, at the beginning of the new school year they ask you to make an emergency bag. You know, with food and things. In the bag, they ask you include a note. Now, I don’t know about you fellow parents or those without, using your imagination but, I’m like,what do I write in this damn card. I mean I hope he never has to be using the darn bag, let alone reading the card. That means the shit has hit the proverbial fan. Pardon my language. But, late last night and very free hand, I put together a little tri-fold on a section of leftover watercolor paper. I wrote the note and thought if I were a scared out of my wits, 5 year old, having to read this thing I would probably want to see something goofy and happy. You know, lighten the mood a bit…Well, there he is, WA-LA. One goofy bear with funny toes. Totally unplanned out and Jack saw him this morning and thought he was really cute, which made me smile. 

And, I hope we won’t be seeing you again bear until a school year is in the “books”, if you will. I am showing this clearly unperfected piece of work because, well, it’s a good and light adage for life? To all my TDLoves “Be Beary Brave”. 💕🐻

How do I make a business out of my art? 

I have dabbled in all of this before. Making and selling your art is not about making the art but, more about the curation and the business. Ugh, the boring part. 

I read from someone speaking about this very concept. Creating is last. Yep. Dead last. First, you must deal with all the conceptual aspects, production possibilities, marketing, pricing and then you might just get to sit down and paint. 

The printer for these cards an two posters, took 2 weeks. Two weeks. The cards turned out great, the posters were wrong. And, ironically there’s “quick” in there business name. 

Now I want to tackle the task of opening an Etsy store this “stab at it”, if you will. Anyone have some advice here? I just heard about a business that helps with shipping  (I have to find that source again). I’m going to be working on a UBI number. I have ideas on packaging and labeling. But, any bumps I should avoid here for anyone reading this? Anyone at all? 

I am hoping to make a better attemp at building a business, establish a following and get some steady income out of it. THAT, would be amazing! 

  Photos by Sonya Law

25 Things to do on a Spring Day…🌿

 By Sonya Law  
Springtime is right around the corner. And, it’s one of my favorite times of year. There’s so many possibilities for fun and relaxation. But, if your also like me you forget to write all those things down and check them off your list. So, here’s a few ideas for you and I, to search out and live life to the fullest this coming Springtime…

1.) Visit your local farmers market. Or, make a trip to a local one you have always wanted to visit. My trick is to bring a cooler bag or an ice chest in the car to keep things like veggies and salsas. My favorites are the Ballard market (http://www.sfmamarkets.com/), Pikes place is open everyday of course, but, Spring is excellent and a day drive to Roslyn is gorgeous on a Sunday from 10-2 (Roslyn Market).

2.) Take a stack of magazines to your favorite coffee shop and have an iced green tea…or whatever’s your favorite. 

3.) Do some Spring cleaning and organizing in your closet.

4.) After you complete #3 go out and shop for something cute. Time for that new pencil skirt, bangle bracelet, sunnies or some sexy sandals. 

  5.) Take a class. A painting class, cooking class or flower arranging, for those stunning stems you just found at the market. 

6.) Pack a picnic and head out to a concert, or a park, or a lake. Try Experience Washington for some fun events.  Nothing wrong with a day in the grass. Don’t forget the frisbe, soccer ball and a blanket. 

7.) Get your nails done. It’s time for pretty pastels, think fresh. I love Essie’s “Pret-a-Surfer” or “Bikini with a Martini” right now. Think Pantones colors of the year…winning. 

8.) Deep condition your hair. It’s after winter, it needs it. Buy some Bumble surf spray and get ready for more fresh and sexy. All that spa stuff is good right now. I like some tanning towelettes, some fun pink or nude lipstick/gloss, and some BB cream and a good bronzer too. Let’s make it easy on ourselves, beauties. 

9.) Organize that book shelf and get ready for your Spring/Summer “reads”

10.) Research ways to Volunteer. There’s nothing better then planning on giving back. It’s easy with Volunteer Match. Plug in your interests and your zip and they find things for you. 

11.) Hit up some favorite new restaurant spots, yum. I have so many friends with new restaurants it’s crazy. And, so many more I want to check out. No Bones Beach Club and Gracia to name a couple. 

12.) Now challenge yourself to recreate a dish at home. You heard it. Shop all the ingredients and whip up something you have always wanted to try and make at home. 
  13.)Head out on a hike. Every Trail lists area, rating and time with pictures and a description. 

14.) Have a movie night. Redbox will be an influx of all the “noms”, nods and winners of the oscars. Grab some organic popcorn from Trader Joes and a blanket. Or, make a few different kinds and invite some friends. 

  16.) Grab your camera and snap some pics! There’s lots of gorgeous activity here in the #PNW. No better time then Spring to capture the beauty. 

  17.) Create something. Yes you can! Paint, write, sculpt. Creation is good for the soul and spirit. Make a small goal and have fun. No one is judging and don’t care if they were anyway.

  18.) Hit up that local brewery or winery you have been hearing about. 

  19.) Grow something like flowers or food. Nothing is more satisfying then having or eating something you tended with your own two hands. Not good at it you say? Try succulents. They are gorgeous with low maintenance and you can go as little or as big with it as you like. 

20.) Take a road trip. There are a dozen day trips that are beyond amazing in the Spring and Summer. Try Vashon, Coupeville, Port Townsend, Chelan, Levenworth, Walla Walla, Hood Canal, Gig Harbor…just to name a few of my favorite spots. You might want to stay.

21.) Have a friend Brunch. It’s wonderful to hit up a deck outdoors with friends and be sipping Champagne or Bloody Mary’s, come warmer weather time. Cheers! 

  22.) Tend to your pets. I have two dogs ready for some Spring cleaning themselves. Time for hair, nails and powder for them too. I love my lil’ “moostached” Lulabelle. Isn’t she cute? 

23.) Check out your local museums or go antiquing. Why not a great walk through the city? There are a ton of great antique shops in Washington and the Seattle Art Museum has discounts on every first Thursday. It’s enriching and it makes you look hella classy. That also have classes and speakers that are constantly changing to check it out here: SAM 

24.) Plan a checkup, a cleaning and do a cleanse. I know, I know. Let the grumbling begin. But, listen to this, you’ll be all “Spring cleaned up” too! What better way to start the season and head into Summer feeling tuned up and doing your best? Your teeth with shine, your face will glow (never mind beating that Winter bloat) and you will have peace of mind that your health is first. 

25.) Practice your “Rights of Spring”. No, I am not getting all earthy-crunchy on you. But, this is a great way to usher in the new, and let go of the past. A simple tradition practiced by me and some of my close friends, typically around a bonfire but, other means will work. It’s simple. Write down all of the things you hope for in the coming year (good health, a new job, a trip, good wishes for friends and family) and all the negative things you want to leave behind or want to change. Now, write them on a piece of paper and then throw it into the fire, or bury it in the ground (not condoning littering, make sure it’s biodegradable please). Get it? Starting fresh, renewed, just like Spring. Now your mind has practiced some Spring cleaning too. 

Let me know what you think! And, what your up to with Spring right around the corner. I would love to know and hear about what your up to and what you have checked off your list for this season.  And, no matter what, have fun out there beauties! 🌿

All Photos and Artwork: Sonya Law 

Little Black Frames

Want to know how to spruce up the boring workspace corner you have going on, on the cheap?

Easy. Just find charming little black frames and put in some favorite small art pieces that you love. You have the opportunity to use some of your favorite children’s art work. Or, find an old botanical print book at your used book shop, you can make some art easily and rotate it if your feeling artistic. Or mix them all together for a charming and eclectic look. I suggest gathering some pieces on a flat space and seeing how they play out together. Make it appealing. Do black and white but, add a pop of color. Or just go for it with color for a more modern/contemporary look and feel. This is supposed to be fun! And, the best thing is you can change the art out when you feel like refreshing or find something new…

You can find those little black frames at your local art store, IKEA, or go to the frame shop and have them made for a pretty reasonable price, out of the scrap from larger frames. You can buy or get one size or mix them up. Be sure to “weigh” them out visually. Not too many big paired with small for example. But, there are no set rules. Plan out the area by measuring and doing a little visual math for the areas for your frames and the artwork your most in love with.

You can make a plan for hanging using butcher paper, craft paper, or something reusable/recyclable by lightly taping a “map” of your plan before making holes, just to see it in theory.

Add a vintage light and cool, comfortable chair and you have just quickly and conveniently, personalized your workspace area for more interest! Simple right?

Have more questions or going to do this project? Let me know. I would love to hear how it goes!