YSL at the S.A.M

Don’t you love an unexpected surprise? I didn’t expect to be so blown away at the amazing talent and creativity I saw at the current Yves Saint Lurent show at the Seattle Art Museum. All from a boy who started by making paper dolls for his sisters. 

The details were stunning. From the process to the fabrics, what a feast for the eyes. Beautiful beadwork, and sequins for days. And, a fantastic retrospective of his work from a young child, young designer, to a haute couture designer and the name he has made for himself today. Throw in some Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, lunch at a French cafe and good girlfriends, and it shaped up to be one phenomenal day! 

If your close go and see this show. You will love it!

A beautiful thick fabric with Andy Warhol just behind.

Beautiful beadwork.

1970s wedding dress “Love me forever or not ever”

1980s collection and the infamous back bow. 

Designs for days…

And, gorgeous drawings. 

Stunning sequins. 

Hats, hats, hats!

An eye for the eclectic. 

More stunning beading. 

And, a look at collections by color coding.

Odes to Modrion and Matisse were frequent and fun. 

And, the visit wasn’t complete without a stop at the gift shop dedicated to fashion. 
#seattleartmuseum #sam 

Sunday Chill…

A book on Modern Wallpaper for reading, organic berries and matcha tea this morning…