Tacoma,Washington waterfront views. 

Botanical Blast…

Have you ever just passed by something in your home town and given it no mind, until one day, you just do? That’s what happened yesterday. A botanical greenhouse that has always been in the middle of Tacomas Wright Park, I have passed by a million times, just happened to be open and this time I went in! 

A lovely little tropical oasis that housed some fun plant species and a koi pond, where they let you feed the fish occasionally. And, currently decorated here and there for some fun photos for fall and Halloween.

It was a lovely, quick, little, colorful escape from the grey day and glad I finally made the trip in! 

Angel of death at my door…

I was ready to do a new door hanging for the Halloween holiday. So, for creativity on a budget I stopped at the dollar store for a few finds. 

I got three plastic skulls that were the right cost but, lacked any real pizzaz so, a little metallic paint changed the mood for me. To get my angel of death “look” I needed black wings and happened to find a great deal at a local thrift shop…it was a score! 

The trick to hanging these was to collectively get them to hang nicely without bowing out. So, some small drill holes and wiring on the tops and jawlines creating a circle to hang. It still flopped forward so nails in the side added to the macabre. And, held the wire just right. 

I went gung-ho with the gold and just painted the pumpkins too! Why not? Do you decorate your front door for Halloween? 

The Pumpkin Problem…

When given the choice between traditional pumpkins and the non-traditional ones, which do you choose? 

They are all pretty to me and some unusual, which I like as well. What do you prefer? There are so many good ones to choose from!!